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Level To next level Your percentage Referral bonus
Sergeant $ 500 % 3 $ 0.30
Lieutenant $ 2000 % 4 $ 0.35
Captain $ 5000 % 5 $ 0.40
Major $ 10000 % 8 $ 0.40
Colonel $ 25000 % 10 $ 0.45
General > $ 25000 % 12 $ 0.50
REGISTRATION Log into the website through your Steam account.
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12% PROFIT Get the up to 12% profit from total amount of payments of your attracted referrals. Earn the money with us continuously.
It's not necessarily for you to be an experienced online entrepreneur with much incoming traffic to take the advantage of our partner program. You could invite friends by your partner link and everybody will be in pocket. You will receive your percentage and they will gain their bonus.

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Which partner program do you have?
Share your partner link with everybody you can reach and receive bonuses from us!
What are the terms of our program?
Referral - user who has clicked at your partner link;
Referral bonus - referral's money which he receives immediately to his balance after using your partner link;
Referrals deposits - total payments made by all your referrals;
Partner level - your current status. Higher level - more earnings;
Partner percentage - your % from referral deposits;
Partner earnings - Referrals deposits * Partner Percentage;
Partner balance - Your current sum which could be withdrawn. It's calculated by substracting of all previously made withdrawals from Your Partner earnings. Partner balance = Your earnings (If no withdrawals).
Is there any minimal sum to be withdrawn ?
No, there isn't. You could withdrawn any amount to your account's balance without any limitations. Partner's available amount could not be withdrawn to any external payment sources anyhow
How I can advertise my program?
It can sound like "Use my link, get 'Referral bonus' and open any affordable case".
I shared a link with many people and they used it. However, I have not received the money!
This user has already logged in to the site, or has already became a referral of another partner. Another reason can be caused by disabled cookies at referral's side.
Can Lucky-Cases change conditions of partnership?
No. They cannot be changed or updated anyhow.
The amount you have already earned will remain the same even if there are any updates of level's settings and percentage calculating. However, lucky-cases.com unilaterally remains into the right to change the partner's program conditions in future without notifying.
It is important to know!
• Referral can use a partner link one time only (for receiving Referral bonus);
• Referral bonus will be added to referral account's balance instantly;
• Referral bonus could be used to open any affordable case at our website. Please keep in mind only that a skin won as a result of this case's opening can be withdrawn only after refilling your account balance at least $10;
• One user can become a referral of one partner only;
• Once a referral is charged, the commission will be counted to your Partner's balance within 4 hours.